About Us

about us


Valaf was started in 2011 as a Logistics service provider catering majorly to the Western Africa region. Over time the team has built its expertise in different areas of work. We work with various metal manufacturers to provide them various services. We have the ability to partner with metal manufacturers from the ideation stage and continue for their operations. We have worked on numerous projects and hence we know everything you will need for the complete setup of the plant.

Manufacturing setups are complex and need a lot of spare parts on regular basis. These parts need to be procured from all over the globe and assembled before being used. Valaf works with you to understand your plant is its analytics team is able to forecast your requirements even before you know. This makes sure that you don’t have to keep large stocks of all the spares and production is not hampered due to unavailability.

Valaf is exploring the acquisition of various manufacturing units in the UAE and soon will become manufacturer of quality spare parts for metal manufacturers

Vision and Mission

We strive to be the best in cost leadership strategy maintaining the quality of the product and services provided. We are expanding our customer & product categories in the industrial segment & continuously improving focus on making the products available on time.
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Why Valaf?

Africa poses a number of significant challenges and only companies with a good knowledge of these complexities are able to efficiently ship cargos to this part of the world. We at Valaf are very well informed about the political situations, new laws, policy measures, and procedures relating to our activities in all countries of the region, thus allowing us to advise you and make good calls to guarantee unhindered delivery of products, safe and on time, no matter the size or nature.

In House Logistics 96%
Global partnership with manufacturers 80%
Predictive analytics for spare parts requirement 85%
Competitive prices 92%
Partnerships in all Western African ports for smooth clearence 85%