The Consulting department offers you various services to help develop your activities in West Africa, a region we know “like the back of our hand”. We are able to put our experience of this region at your disposal through the following services

    •  Providing surveys and market analysis (segmentation, trends, key success factors, competitors…) and recommending strategies on various markets.
    •  Understanding your operational and financial issues in order to help you overcome them.
    •  Elaborating on budgets, financial in-depth analysis of variance compared to budget, business plans, pricing, and costing.
    •  Giving you logistics solutions thanks to our expertise in this activity in order to reduce and optimize your shipment costs and transit times.
    •  Informing you of local content requirements, laws, customs duties, taxes, documentation procedures, and licenses needed for West African countries.
    •  Suggesting distribution systems and identifying possible partnerships with other companies or any other interested parties.
    •  Helping enhance networking in West Africa.
    •  Bench-marking.